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Back when I was in my mid-twenties, I followed a restrictive popular diet. For ten months I followed it like a religious fanatic. I lost 53 pounds. It was hard – really hard – but I finally reached my goal weight. YIPPEE!

Fast forward one year – I gained it all back. And the following year I TRIPLED the gain to a new high. I was at double my goal weight, and then some!

After that, I just gave up. It wasn’t worth the fight. Dieting didn’t work. My metabolism was shot. I felt like a beached whale. For the next decade or two, I just ate what I wanted.

And I wanted a lot. Food was my “best friend.”

But as time went by, I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. I was avoiding the subway because of the stairs. I was taking buses to work, which took twice as long. I wouldn’t do anything that required physical exertion. I was no longer in my twenties, but I was old before my time.

So, once again, I searched for an answer.

  • I tried being a vegetarian. I gained weight (too many carbs).
  • I tried eating only until I was full. I realized I didn’t know what full even felt like.
  • I joined a gym. No pain, no gain. No weight loss either.
  • I tried The Drinking Man’s Diet, The Cavewoman’s Diet… you name it, I tried it.
  • Nothing worked … at least not for long.

I was addicted to food, and especially to sugar.

There was fast food everywhere in New York: Chinese, Indian, Burgers and Fries, Ice Cream, Pastries, Cakes and Cookies, anything and everything, every hour of the day and night. Everywhere.

But I knew there had to be an answer. So, I kept searching.

FINALLY, I did it, and I kept it off! If you struggle with your weight and yo-yo dieting, I don’t want you to have to experiment for 20 years, as I did, to find the way that will work for you.

I created the Transform Your Life Technique to help women with chronic weight issues (and men, too!) – who struggle with counting calories and endless exercise – only to gain back more than they have lost. No matter what your age, you CAN lose those extra pounds without being hungry or unsatisfied!

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